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I'm a writer (read: part-time computer toucher) living in Northwestern Canada. My fiction sits primarily at the intersection of speculative fiction and horror, and my occaisional non-fiction of cultural critique and political commentary. In general an incorrigble dilettante and autodidact, enjoying a wide range of interests including history, political economy, photography, game design, natural science, digital multimedia art and psychology. I hope this site can serve as a hub for my writing and other creative projects.


If you are interested in hiring me, collaborating, or just want to get in touch, please email me at tyrelljameswrites@gmail.com or message me via the social media links below.

Short Fiction

Here you can find my published work. Check back for more!


Marvelous! Or, The Death of Cinema is a film podcast I co-host with ArtsFuse critic Nicole Veneto. A survey of modern blockbusters, in which we conduct a gleeful and vulgar deconstruction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's clones, progeny and competition.

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